Off Grid Solar Power Systems

What is an Off Grid power system?

Off grid power systems supply energy to properties without needing to be connected to or wish to disconnect from the public electricity network (the grid). Off Grid Power Systems are also known as  “stand-alone power systems” (SAPS). A versatile and reliable, off grid solar system can power a range of medium to large-sized properties, including homes, farms, and small businesses. Each solar system is custom built to cater to each customer’s energy needs. 

How does an off grid system work?

Off-grid Solar Systems work by collecting electricity generated from solar panels to charge a strong of batteries, powerful enough to meet a properties energy needs. The battery outputs DC, which isn’t useable by most appliances. To solve this, the system includes an inverter. The inverter’s role is to convert the direct current(DC) to alternate current(AC) to power appliances.

What is included in off grid solar system?

High quality off grid solutions will include; Solar Panels, a battery bank, an inverter and a generator.

Solar panels

Solar panels are a must for any solar system; the panel setup required depends on your daily electricity requirement, location, the available surface area (such as a roof) and the climate.

Solar batteries

A solar battery is also necessary to store the electricity during the sun is up and use it over the night. During the daytime, your solar battery will charge as your panels generate excess electricity. A standard off grid system requires multi-battery banks other than a single battery.

Solar inverter

The solar inverter converts the direct current collected by your solar panel array into the alternating current required to run your household appliances and electronics. For an off-grid system, you will likely use a stand-alone inverter, though there are a few options when it comes to set-up.

Solar charge generator

The solar charge controller or battery charger is an essential component to maintain and long term use for your battery. The controller regulates the voltage and current that your solar battery receives to prevent overcharging and damage.

Why off grid solar system is a good option?


High-quality components and design yield a dependable solar system that provides high quality power 24/7, that sustainable living and grid-free lifestyle are the main benefits.

User Friendly

Operating solar systems are designed for intuitive use and low maintenance. Even remotely monitor and control your system.


Built ingeniously to last and deliver high power without the high energy cost


It is built with all high safety standards to ensure quality and long-term use.

how to install off grid solar power system

Many people believe off-grid solar systems can be easily put together. This may be true in the case of a small caravan or cabin, but in reality, larger off-grid systems used for homes and businesses are much more involved and complicated to install. Installation needs to be carefully designed by an experienced solar installer or system designer.

Installing solar battery storage also isn’t as simple as installing solar. Precise load profiling, component selection and integration are required to ensure successful, reliable ongoing operation, and not to mention that Modern large scale off-grid solar systems are typically high voltage and can generate and store vast amounts of energy which can result in damage, fire or severe injury if the installation does not meet all relevant regulations, standards and guidelines.

Over 10 years of solar installation experience with 5 stars reviewed, AMPULSE

offers a free consultation with the customer to determine the electrical requirements.

How much does off grid system cost?


Ampulse Energy offers Off grid solar packages to suit your home or business’s energy requirements and budget: 

  • 5 KW off grid solar system
    18 X Longi 370W panels
    1 x SMA 5000 5KW inverter
    1 x SMA Sunny Island 5kw Battery inverter
    1 x 8KWH Li ion Battery FROM $17568-00
  • 8 KW Off Grid solar system
    27 x Longi 370W panels
    1 x SMA 6000 6KW Inverter
    1 x SMA Sunny Island 6KW Battery inverter
    1 x 10KWH Li ion Battery FROM $22968-00
  • 10 KW off grid solar system
    30 x Longi 370W panels
    1 x SMA 8000 8KW Inverter
    1 x SMA Sunny Island 8KW Battery inverter
    1 x 12KWH Li ion Battery FROM $28986-00
  • 13.32 KW off grid solar system
    36 x Long 370W panels
    1 x SMA 10000 10KW Inverter
    1 x SMA Sunny Island 10KW Battery inverter
    1 x 15KWH Li ion Battery FROM $36986-00
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