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At Ampusle Energy, we provide customers with quality solar products and services on all designs and rooftop installations. We partner with the world’s best solar brands to deliver reliable solar systems to homes and businesses across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. For advice you can trust on installing a solar system for your home or business, contact Ampulse Energy today

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SunPower is one of the world’s leading brands in solar panel technology. Their products are designed, manufactured and sold by Maxeon Solar Technologies, which distributes to over 100 countries. SunPower solar panels are classified as “Tier-1” and all come with a 25 years product warranty. The brand has been recognised as a top performer on the PV Module Reliability Scorecard in 2017, 2018 and 2020. And this year, the SunPower Maxeon 3 was rated the most efficient solar panel.

SunPower panels produce 75% more power than their competitors and have proven long-term reliability. Their products have been tested under a variety of extreme conditions to ensure they are capable of withstanding our harsh climate. Their patented bussing design outperforms standard panels in low-light, maximizing power production during morning and evening shade or soiling. However, these highly efficient panels come at a higher cost of 75-100% more than a regular Tier-1 panel.

SunPower Warranty 25-Yr Complete Confidence

“SunPower is more expensive but you can see the quality in their panels and the long-term investment. At Ampulse Energy, we are not afraid to quote the higher quality panels at the best prices.” 

Owner, Nico Beyleveld.

SunPower has offices around the globe, including one location in Australia, which is another reason we partner with the brand. Having a local support team allows us to arrange product orders and have questions answered at regular hours. Or in the unlikely event of a warranty issue, we are able to work with a local to resolve this quickly. 

Choosing SunPower panels will provide your home or business with a top-performing solar power system to consistently reduce your electricity bills. You will also feel good knowing you are reducing your carbon emissions by switching to a renewable energy source.

Ampulse Energy is CEC accredited and has the knowledge and experience to complete any domestic or commercial solar installation. We do not use subcontractors and pride ourselves on providing efficient and neat installations. To find the right solution for your energy needs, speak with our team today.

Ampulse Energy’s Favourite SunPower Packages

Ampulse Energy offers several solar packages to suit all energy requirements and budgets. We can also build a customised package to suit your specific needs. For packages with SunPower panels, we currently provide Performance-3 325W panels.

What Makes SunPower Panels Different?

Historically, solar panel cells have been extremely brittle and prone to cracking from impact. SunPower’s Maxeon cells have been developed so they can conduct current, even when cracked. This feature is possible due to the full copper foundation and “no bus bars” that expand and contract. As well as this, the inner-cell tie bar that connects the cells has also been improved. The cells have been designed to respond to temperature changes in the environment and accommodate as needed. This patented technology makes it not only durable, but efficient. SunPower Maxeon panels were ranked the number 1 most efficient panel of 2021, at more than 22%.

SunPower Maxeon Setting Records

SunPower Maxeon is the technology of choice for cutting edge, environmentally-friendly projects. Their cells are used in countless designs and are pushing the limits of what was previously thought possible. 

In 2018, the SunSwift set the Guinness World Record for lowest energy consumption driving trans-Australia. For every 100 km, the SunSwift cost approximately $0.20 to run, compared to the average $15 for conventional petrol-powered cars.

Two years later, the majority of the World Solar Challenge car fleet, a 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide, was powered by SunPower Maxeon. The race, designed to promote the innovation of solar-powered cars, has fostered international improvements in solar-powered technology since 1987. 

And now, the Solar Stratos, a solar powered plane that’s capable of flying 80,00+ ft, is preparing for its next mission into the stratosphere. The eco-exploration aims to demonstrate that renewable energies are capable of going beyond what is possible with conventional modes of propulsion. 

The cells that made these feats possible are the same cells in our home and commercial solar panels. 

SunPower’s Guarantee

Through more than 35 years of research and development, SolarPower Maxeon has positioned themselves at the forefront of solar technology. Over the years, they’ve consistently improved their efficiency rating by eliminating design flaws common in other solar panels. Because of this, they’re proud to offer a total-confidence 25 year product and performance warranty.

SunPower 325W Panels P3-325-BLK-RES-MC4

Key Features:

  • Mono PERC solar cells
  • Robust and flexible cell connection technology
  • An innovative shingled cell design for improved strength and performance than conventional solar panels
  • Reduced panel temperature 
  • Enhanced active area and monocrystalline cells increase power and savings
  • Outperforms conventional panels in partial shade
  • Certified to withstand 2400 Pascal wind load
  • 25 years manufacturing and performance warranty*
  • Warranted to produce more than 97.5% power in the first year, declining by only 0.5% per year


  • Max. Power Output: 325Wp
  • Max. Power Voltage: 43.6V (open circuit)
  • Max. Power Current: 9.69A (short circuit current)
  • Module Efficiency: 19.3%

Find out more about Ampulse Energy’s Star Premium Solar Package to see if it is right for you. 

*Terms & Conditions apply

Star Premium Solar Deal

6.4 kW

  • European Solar at it’s Best!

  • 20 x 325W SunPower Residential P3-325-BLK-RES-MC4 Panels

  • 1 x 5.0kW Fronius Primo Inverter (made in Austria)

  • Tier-1 Solar Panels

  • 25 Year Manufacturing & Performance Warranties on panels*

  • 10 Year Warranty on inverter*

  • Full Site Survey Accredited CEC Installation (incl. paperwork submitting quality support)

  • *Terms & Conditions Apply*

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Other Sunpower Solar Deal

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  • 20 X Sunpower solar panels + 5KW Sungrow inverter From $3996-00
  • 26 X Sunpower solar panels + 8KW Sungrow inverter From $4996-00
  • 26 X Sunpower solar panels + 6KW Fronius Primo inverter From $5996-00
  • 33 X Sunpower solar panels + 8KW Sungrow inverter From $5996-00
  • 33 X Sunpower solar panels + 8.2KW Fronius Primo inverter From $6996-00

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