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At Ampulse Energy, we are experienced and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers, providing quality service for your domestic and commercial solar needs. With 39 years of experience in the electrical field, we began transitioning into the solar industry.

We now have ten years of experience installing solar panels, throughout Twoomba. If you’re looking for quality and affordable solar system installations or repairs, Ampulse Energy is the right choice for you.

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    How Solar Power Saves You Money

    Lower Your Electricity Bills

    Electricity prices have been on the rise in recent years, and unfortunately, this trend is going to continue.

    What is Special About Solar in Toowoomba

    In the past ten years, energy prices have increased by more than 117% in Australia. At this rate, Australian’s can expect to pay over 1000$ more for energy in 2029 than they do today.

    This is due to the lack of competition among retailers and poor policy from the Federal Government. In general, retailers use convoluted pricing structures to confuse consumers and make price comparison among retailers difficult. Furthermore, price comparison sites are defaulted to promote the highest fees paid to the retailer rather than savings to the consumer. Despite rising pressure from the Federal Government, retailers continue to mislead customers.

    So how can one escape the power of Australian energy providers?

    The answer is with Solar Energy.

    For centuries, scientists have known that the sun can be used to produce energy. In fact, Solar Panels were invented 60 years ago by Bell Labs. Since then, solar panel efficiency has continued to dramatically improve overtime and continually push new limits annually. 

    In the past ten years, solar has proved to be continually cost-effective. The cost of going solar has continually decreased for property owners over time. Since 2010, the cost of solar panels has decreased by 89%. For example, in 2009, solar panel installation amounted to $8.50 per watt. Today, solar panel installation is as low as $2.91 per watt. In addition to continual price drops, solar panels improve each and every year, becoming more efficient, while being less expensive, and more cost-effective. 

    Homeowners looking to install solar panels can qualify for government rebates and subsidies, with some eligible households receiving up to half of their initial solar installation costs back, making solar an economically viable solution.  In fact, the Toowoomba Council as installed solar systems to cut their costs, with Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio opening the Principal Depot in Charlton to run entirely on solar power. 

    However, many customers purchase solar panels based on price, not the quality of the panels or the impact solar panels will have on their energy bill.  In an ideal world, energy bills would go to zero, but this is rarely attainable with cheaper solar panels that are marketed and promoted in deals. Unfortunately, many solar panels that were on the lower end of the scale a decade ago are already in need of being replaced. Working with Ampulse Energy allows you, the consumer, to build a package with solar panels that fit your energy needs and bring down your energy bill. 

    Solar panels convert light from the sun into electricity, allowing you to use power generated from a free and endless source of energy in your home or business. Living in Queensland, we are fortunate to have sunny days almost all year round. So with the right solar system, your electricity generation may be more than you actually use. Ampulse Energy will assist you in selecting and installing the right solar PV system for your electrical needs. Invest in solar energy today, and see returns within just 3 to 4 years. What are you waiting for?


    We’re Industry Leaders – Here is how we got there

    Ampulse Energy is a company specialising in alternative energy sources. We specialise in the solar industry from domestic, commercial and industrial solar installs. Solar and battery backup systems from grid-connected solar systems to hybrid solar systems and off-grid solar systems. Servicing the greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Jimboomba areas and beyond. We have over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry and 10 years in the solar industry. We are your reliable trustworthy and professional solar design & install company. All our solar systems are designed and installed in the house, we do not use subcontractors.

    We install and design in house our solar systems, to our client’s requirements, from 2kw up to 100kw solar systems. Honest & reliable service give us a call for all your solar requirements. We have solar systems on special, we do great solar deals. Ampulse Energy is the company that is powered by solar and it is time to go solar. Why have large electrical bills when you could be paid for your free solar power? To invest in a great return for your investment power up with Ampulse Energy powered by solar.

    We are Solar installer

    Nico, many thanks for your very prompt and honest service. It’s rare to find someone who offers excellent service these days and yours cannot be faulted. Very prompt, honest and professional.

    Mr R Haward, Customer

    First rate sparkys, fitted my solar system between showers and on a really windy day with no trouble. Then explained it all to me in layman’s terms and told me what to expect.

    Michael Logan, Customer

    We recently had installed a solar system by Joni and his team and from the first meeting to the job’s completion we were totally impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, neatness in finishing and keeping us informed throughout the project. If you may be considering a solar system we can highly recommend Ampulse Energy as the number 1 people to be contacting.

    Frank Nicholson, Customer

    Nico and his team were very professional. Came early in the morning and did a fantastic job last week. Really happy with his workmanship and his knowledge about the solar system.

    Would definitely recommend him as his prices are great too!

    Prateek Gupta, Customer

    We highly recommend Nico and his team at Ampulse. Nico was very professional, informative, prompt and accommodating from our first contact to the completion of the installation. Nico’s quote was better than the previous quote we had, and because of the more efficient panel arrangement, gave us better output and required no additional outlay for tree trimming or relocation of our TV antenna.
    Nico is a fully qualified Master Electrician with 32 years experience and an “Accredited Installer for the Clean Energy Council” so we did not need to arrange an electrician to complete the installation. 

    Phil & Wendy Simmons, Customers

    Excellent workmanship! Punctual and very hard working. They worked straight through from 9am to 3pm not stopping for a break. Nico was so knowledgeable and explained all the workings so well. So lovely to have such great service and hard workers. Pleasure doing business with them. Felt in very capable and skilled hands. All 3 did an excellent job.
    I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
    The best. Thanks!

    Diana Gunwald, Customer

    Nico and his team were absolute professionals from start to finish. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Neat installations.

    Stuart Butler, Customer

    We were very happy with the great work and professional attitude delivered by Nico and his team. Nico was upfront, he provided great advice and was very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Nico & his team to anyone looking for reliable solar advice and installation.

    Nick Johns, Customer

    Great job done by Nico and his team. Punctual and professional.

    Peter Caia, Customer

    Would highly recommend Nico and his team of expert installers as they have just completed a Great Job on my install. Many thanks. Great job!

    Chris Gaylard, Customer

    I’ve just had my Solar System installed by Nico and his team and I couldn’t be any more pleased. They are punctual, professional, knowledgeable and efficient, with exceptional workmanship. If you’re considering Solar I would definitely recommend Ampulse Energy.

    Diana Bamber, Customer


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    0450 576 905



    Monday to Saturday: 7am – 5pm